About Us


ABRAJ Oil Services was established in Zawia, Libya , June 2012 as a Privately held Libyan company.

Although ABRAJ Oilfield Services company is new and had just started , but we do have a vast experience in the field of the oil industry specially in Libya, knowing-how and professionalism coming from the group of technical experts who originally concurred and started ABRAJ Oil Services Company.

Starting from the pioneers who have over 25 years of experience in field operations, and Management skills in the oil industry, to our field staff who are seasoned professionals with ample experience and commitment. Every employee is a relevant stake holder in the company which empowers all our people and reinforces their commitment to safety and excellence and services.

Core Values

The core values of our business are:

  • HSE , which is a pinnacle in our everyday priorities. The wellbeing of our employees, Contractors, third party personnel and the environment are the starting point for every activity we involve ourselves in.
  • Services Quality is our corporate obsession. The technology we deploy, our experience and management systems in place, are only effective if our clients are satisfied. Our service culture will always be adaptive to new technologies, and responsive to all the demands and needs of our client.
  • Our experience and our passion to succeed in every endeavor are the cornerstone of our corporate success.
  • Smart and successful technical alliances/partnerships enable us to provide our  clients with a wide range of the latest technologies in a cost effective and competitive package.
  • Local knowledge and insight is instrumental to our productivity and efficiency.
  • Our conviction in the above values and their systematic implementation in all businesses and locations will make us worthy of our client's confidence and trust.


key objectives

  • Review and assess all available data such as geophysical interpretations, geological reports and maps, including petro physical studies and well log analysis, production data, pressure data, deliverability tests,…etc.
  • Build a 3D geological model using all the Geological, Geo-statistical, Petro physical methodologies for a correct modeling of the reservoir static features and to determine the Original Oil in Place.
  • Derive the 3-D Reservoir simulation model by means of up scaling techniques and Reservoir Engineering methodologies to obtain dynamic characteristics.
  • Validate this model by matching the historical performance and to predict future production performance and reserves under different future production and development strategies.
  • Identify the optimum future exploitation strategy to improve gas and oil production rates and reserves. The optimum plan will include all technical details for future drilling, completion, and production strategy, in addition to an economic evaluation of the optimum plan.




  • Customer’s satisfaction: High quality, precise and reliable product at competitive prices.

    Continuous growth: To establish strong business relationships within the market by maintaining and growing its referral networks to generate new and repeat sales.

    Continuous improvement: by improving operations efficiency, avoiding duplications, etc

    Business development strategies: Devise effective strategies to ensure that the company’s offered products remain competitive, reliable and preferred choice of the customers & end users.

Partnership Announcement

WENZEL , ABRAJ  Partnership

After years of close cooperation and importing the good quality of downhole tools from our partners Wenzel Downhole Tools Co. And after many meetings and negotiations with the the directors of Abraj and WZL .

It would be our pleasure to announce that Abraj oil service co. is the exclusive authorized  distributor of wzl tools in Libya.

we are glad to this partnership and looking forward for more goals to achieve together in future. working shoulder to shoulder with you .


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